Agenda April 2011



Meeting in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 5th April at 7.30 pm


Visitors welcome to speak on any item on the Agenda for up to

3 minutes


1. Present and apologies for absence:

2. Approval of the last minutes:

3. Declarations of interest:

4. Matters arising:

5. Visitors:

6. Local Planning: DOV/11/00189

Location: Vicarage Farm, West Landon, Dover

Proposal: Erection of single storey & rear extensions & a front

porch extension (existing porch to be demolished)

For the consideration of the parish council

7. Post Office Investment Account:

8. Rural Roundup: Supporting grant to the magazine (see attached reply

letter from Rural Roundup)

9. Parish Council Correspondent for Rural Roundup

10. V.Fast

11. Electronic planning notices: (see attached letter)

12. Circulation of Parish Council mail:

13. APM & AGM:

14. Finance:

KCC 17.50 (rent for allotments)

KALC 266.88 (subscription for membership)

Clerks wages 296.16

Clerks expenses 30.00 (expenses & petrol)


15. Circulation of Parish Council mail:

16: APM & AGM:

17. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing field and BMX track:

Playing field: kissing gate & gate now installed

BMX track check for April:

18. Colin Stokes tender for playing field/Alec Seeths seat

16. Any other business/matters to report: Ray Odells letter/ website

17. Date of next meeting: