April 2011 minutes



Minutes of a meeting in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 5th April

at 7.30 pm


1. Present and apologies for absence

Parish Councillors: Simon Butcher (Chairman)

Graeme Akhurst (Vice-chairman)

Hugh Densham

Ron Little

Ray Odell

Anne Nayes

Graham Smith

Kent County Councillor: Steve Manion

Dover District Councillor: Nick Kenton

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Apologies for absence: None

Members of the public: Chris Richardson and Barbara Odell


2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (5th April 2011): Graeme

proposed & seconded by Hugh, and, approved by all who were present.

Anne and Graham abstained as they were not present.

3. Declarations of interest: None

4. Visitors: Barbara mentioned the state of Studdal phone box which is very

dirty and some glass needs replacing. BT to be contacted by the clerk.

5. Local Planning: DOV/11/00189 Vicarage Farm, West Langdon, Dover

Location: Erection of single storey & rear extensions & a front

porch extension (existing porch to be demolished)

Proposed by Ron, seconded by Simon and all agreed.

6. Post Office Investment Account: The account to be closed and existing

monies to be placed in the Parish Council’s Nat West bank account under

the name of ‘Youth Fund’. Ron proposed, Ray seconded and all agree.

7. HMRC Guidance for Parish Clerks: An employment pack to be phone


8. Rural Roundup: Supporting grant to the magazine. It was decided to

grant £100 pounds to Rural Roundup magazine. Ron proposed, Graham

seconded (Graeme abstained) the other councillors agreed.

9. Parish Council correspondent for Rural Roundup: Ron will be the

correspondent for the Parish Council information.

10. V Fast: It was proposed that KCC was contacted in determing on how

money left from the Vfast account should be accounted for.

This was proposed by Graham seconded by Graeme and all agreed.

11. Electronic planning notices: In view of the planning notices to be

delivered by email in the near future it will be necessary to purchase

an A3 photo copier. The clerk to get price quotes for this.

12. Circulation of Parish mail: It was decided to circulate parish mail

by email rather than hard copies when possible.

13. APM & AGM: The 10th May at 7pm is the date set for the APM with

a council meeting at 7.15 followed by the AGM at 8pm. The title for

the APM will be ‘New Waste Service’.

14. Finance: Cheques were signed for by Hugh & Graeme.

Proposed by Graham seconded by Graeme and all agreed.

KCC 17.50 (rent for allotment)

KALC 266.88 (subscription for membership)

Clerks wages 296.16

Clerks expenses 30.00 (expenses & petrol)

15. Allotments, Memorial Gdns, Playing field and BMX track:

The kissing gate and gate are now in place in the playing field.

The lettering on the memorial stone in the garden needs repainting

so a stone mason will be contacted for price quotes.

The BMX track will be checked by Simon for April.

16. A tender for 2011 given by Colin Stokes for the playing field cost

£341.25 Ron proposed seconded by Graham all agreed.

Tender for 2011 given by Colin Stokes for cleaning Alec Seeths seat

Cost £180 Ron proposed Anne seconded all agreed.

17. Any other business/matters to report:

It was with regret that the council received the resignation of two of it’s

councillors, Anne Nayes and Ray Odell. Simon gave thanks to them for

the sometimes challenging work they given towards the council and

its parish. The council invited Anne and Ray to the July council meeting

for a formal ‘thank you’.

Anne said she was happy to continue with updating the parish website.

18. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10th May starting at 7pm – AGM

Council meeting – 7.15 pm

APM 8.00 pm

Meeting closed at 9.45pm