Agenda September 2011



Meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 6th September at 7.30 pm


1. Present and apologies for absence: Ron Little.

2. Approval of the minutes:

3. Declarations of interest on items on the Agenda:

4. Matters arising:

5. Visitors:

6. Playing Field: designation of PF to QE 11:

7. Vfast:

8. Local Planning: None.

9 Finance:

Clerks expenses 99.65 (2xmths. exp.+ food & 2 storage boxes)

Clerks wages 473.92 (2 x months wages)

Evergreen 341.25 (July – cut grass PF. Jacks Bush &BMX track)

Evergreen 536.25 (Aug.- cut grass PF. Jacks Bush & BMX track)

(includes repair of Memorial bench)

Ron Little 116.10 (Gifts bought for July meeting)

CPRE 29.00 (Campaign to Protect Rural England-subs)


10. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

Allotment insurance:

Tenants for allotments:

Bees on the allotment:

11. Any other business/matters to discuss:

Highways – 1 Ton of free salt/missing salt bin

12. Date of next meeting: