November 2011 minutes

Minutes of a meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tues. 1st November 2011at 7.30 pm

1.  Present and apologies for absence:
Parish Councillors:                                  Simon Butcher             (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst           (Vice-chairman)
Carolyn Clews
Sarah Doolin
Hugh Densham
Graham Smith
Ron Little
Kent County Councillor:                        Steve Manion
Dover District Councillor:                      Nick Kenton
Parish Clerk:                                           Veronica Harrop
Apologies for absence:
Members of the public: Chris Richardson, Charlie Hogben, Doug Vickers, Peter Bates, Jill Bryant, Ron Baker, Richard Albridge and Anne-marie Benson (Police Liaison Officer).

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting (1st November 2011): Hugh Proposed, seconded by Simon and all approved.
3. Declarations of interest: None.
4. Matters arising: John Plommer agreed for a salt/grit bin to be placed at Maydensole cross roads.

5. Visitors:  Anne-marie said that the police had investigated the break-in at Studdal Community Hall where a fire extinguisher had been stolen at the same time.
Doug Vickers said he would like to install a bench on the green at Roman rd./Homestead Lane cross roads in memory of his mother. Doug had chosen a bench and it was decided that a concrete hard standing would need to built underneath it. As the bench would be on KCC  property it will need to be insured by the parish council. This was proposed by Graham, seconded by Sarah and all councillors agreed on this action.
Charlie said a gas cylinder had been thrown into the brambles on the footpath at the top of Roman Road. This has been removed.

6. West Street Tickham Hunt: Chris Richardson and other members of the public wished to give their views on the presence of the hunt in the village. They were thanked by the Chairman for bringing it to the councils attention. Simon explained that it was not a matter for the Parish Council to give comment or discuss the issues about the hunt. He said it was a matter to be discussed with the police, hunt or insurance companies. WPC Benson (Police
Liaison Officer) who was present at the meeting agreed with the Chairman.

7.Vfast: Confirmed there were no more reimbursements to claim.

8. HRMC: Graeme explained to the council that VAT refunds on Vfast bills had been claimed in error and had to be returned to HRMC.
9. Local Planning:
DOV/11/000792 – Gaddesden, Stoneheap Rd, East Studdal.
Proposal: Erection of a single storey front extension (existing garage to be demolished).
This was proposed in support of the application by Simon, seconded by Graeme and all councillors agreed.

DOV/11/00821 – Pilgrims Nook, West Studdal, Sutton.
Proposal: Variation of Condition 2 planning permission DOV/11603 to allow the election
of a flue on the garage extension.
A proposal was made in support of the application by Graeme, seconded by Sarah, one councillor abstained, and the remaining councillors agreed.

TC/11/00096 – Old Rectory, Church Hill, Sutton.
Proposal: to fell one Leylandii.
Graeme proposed, Sarah seconded and all councillors agreed to the felling of one Leylandii.

10. Finance:
Clerks wages           236.96    (1xmonths wages)
Clerks expenses        20.00
HMRC                  5678.64     (VAT returned to HMRC)
Joe Stroud              350.00      (grass cutting of orchard & allotment paths for the year)
Graeme proposed, Ron seconded and all agreed to the signing of the cheques.
Hugh and Simon signed the cheques.

11. Highways: The council discussed the distribution of new salt bins and salt in the parish. The need for repair on a number of road signs in the parish has been acknowledged by Highways.

12. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
Joe Stroud is to give the council a quote on pruning the trees in the allotment.
BMX track was checked by Simon for October.

13. Any other business/matters to discuss:
Graeme to speak with the owner of the field, in Stoneheap Rd, about plastic bags in the hedges possibly from Kent Salads.
Carolyn is to contact the Tree Warden.
Warcott Lodge: It was noted that a notice has been served on Warcott Lodge on 11/10//11 with a planning Contravention Order. The owner has 21 days to return it.

14: Date of next meeting:  6th December 2011    –        Meeting finished at 9.30pm