January 2012 minutes


Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 2nd January 2012 at
7.30 pm.
1. Present and apologies for absence:
                                                             Simon Butcher                 (Chairman)
                                                             Graeme Akhurst               (Vice-chairman)
                                                             Sarah Doolin
                                                             Graham Smith
                                                             Hugh Densham
   Kent County Councillor:                   Steve Manion (from 8.10pm)
   Parish Clerk:                                     Veronica Harrop [not present ]
 Apologies for absence:     Carolyn Clews
                                           Ron Litle
                                           Nick Kenton
 Members of the public:Jill Bryant, Doug Vickers, Charlie Hogben, Pat Burton, Barbara Odell, Chris Richardson, Colin Stokes (tree warden), Richard Aldridge.
2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Graeme proposed, Simon seconded and all in favour of adopting the minutes except for Graham who abstained as he had been absent at the last meeting.
3. Declarations of interest: None
4. Matters arising: Strakers Hill – Graeme indicated that he needed more guidance before approaching Kent Highways regarding signage. After discussion the general feeling was that a painted “slow” sign was all that could be expected just up from the junction opposite the Parish Hall. Graeme reported that he had attended the Playing Field at 9am on 24th September as the Tree cutters were expected to finish their work on the Leylandii, but that they had not arrived by 9.30 so he left. The Clerk is to contact them again.
5. Visitors: The Tree Warden said that he would contact the owners of Little Galilee to ask then about cutting back their hedge. Hugh has asked Highways to look at the state of Waldershare Road and will follow this up. He will also report the issue of the blocked soakaway at Wellards.
6. Correspondence: None.
7. Code of Conduct: Deferred until the next meeting.
8. Beacon Hill width restriction: Graeme reported that the three households within the parish on Beacon Hill all objected to the removal of the width restriction (in one case unless the road was widened). Graeme proposed that Ripple Parish Clerk and Kent Highways be contacted with the statement that Sutton Parish Council objected to the removal of the width restriction on such a narrow road with few formal passing places and which was partly in a cutting. Simon second and all councillors voted in favour of the resolution.
9. Town and Parish Meeting: Sarah reported that the way in which KCC would pass on reductions in tax takings had not yet been decided but that as one option was the pro-rating of precepts we needed to wait for that decision (due in October before moving to the precept process).
10. Finance:
            Clerks wages               239.96 (1 month)
            Clerks expenses           53.72   (£20 expenses & 33.72 printer ink)
            KCC                            17.50   (allotment rent)
            CPRE                          29        (membership)
            Southern Water           18.11  (allotments)
HMRC                                    177.60 (tax on wages)
Evergreen                    470.25 (cut of PF/BMX track, Mem Gdns + Picnic area)
Rural Roundup           100      (donation)
11. Local Planning:  
     DOV/12/00653 – The Gables, Downs Road, East Studdal, CT15 5BD.
     Proposal: Erection of a rear conservatory.
     No councillor put forward a proposal.
12: Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
     The spiked hedge at the entrance to the allotments is to be cut back by a volunteer.
The memorial garden is in good order save for a patch which is “sinking” – for further observation. Sarah to ask Ron to cut down the “wild flower meadow” grass in the allotment. The Playing Fields and BMX track are reported to be in good order with neat grass cutting.
13. Any other business/matters to discuss:
Free bag of salt from Kent Highways: The council wished to accept this offer and Stever will ask Highways to contact Hugh to arrange drop off (this cannot be in parish bins and there are no Highways Bins so it will go into Hugh’s yard).
Audit Return : deferred
Steve Manion is negotiating with the owner of the bus that does school runs with a view to making it a scheduled route. At the moment only those children who are going to their nearest school can use it but if it were a scheduled route anyone could use it (including those with free passes). He also informed the meeting that KCC was consulting on the proportion of council tax that would go to KCC (and therefore the impact that consultees were impliedly prepared to accept on services).
14. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 6th November 7.30pm. Meeting finished at 8.27pm.