February 2012 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 7th February 2012

at 7.30 pm.

1. Present and apologies for absence:

Simon Butcher (Chairman)

Graeme Akhurst (Vice-chairman)

Carolyn Clews

Sarah Doolin

Graham Smith

Hugh Densham

Ron Little

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Apologies for absence: none.

Members of the public: Mrs Chris Richardson, Mrs Lucy Tully, Mrs Liz Pasco, Mr Richard Aldridge, Mr Peter Bates, Mr John Gest & Mrs Gest, Mr & Mrs White, Mrs Annemarie Benson-Hawkes & Mr Charlie Hogbin.

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Graeme proposed, Ron seconded and all

councillors approved of the minutes of the last meeting.

3. Declarations of interest: None

4. Matters arising from the minutes: None

5. Visitors: Annemarie Benson-Hawkes (Neighbourhood Policing Team) said there had

been no major disturbances in the parish recently only problems with electric cables

which were damaged by falling trees due to high winds.

John Gest raised his concerns for the planning application submitted for ‘The

Gables’, Downs Rd, East Studdal. He said that at the moment the existing

garage/workshop is an agricultural building but felt is was going to be turned into

living accommodation which would imply a change of use. He added that this would

not comply with the ‘Sutton by Dover Parish Design Statement 2008’, Design

Principles SPDS 7 which states; Existing building lines and street patterns should

be respected in any developments in the parish.

Lucy also spoke about ‘The Gables’ and whish it to be noted that the building

alterations would lie outside the parish ‘font lines’ as mentioned in SPDS 7.

Liz Pasco said that she had the same concerns as John and Lucy on the planning


6. Correspondence: A letter written by Mrs Jill Bryant was read out at the meeting by

the Chairman. The letter is to be included in the minutes of the meeting. (letter


7. Local Planning:

DOV/12/01072 – The Gables, Downs Rd, East Studdal.

Proposal: Erection of a detached building incorporating an annex, office and garage

(existing garage/workshop to be demolished).

The Parish Council positively objected to this planning application as it did not

conform with ‘The Parish Design Statement 7’ – ‘backland development which would

adversely affect the character of the parish should not be permitted’

The comments made by the visitors at the meeting on this planning application were

also taken onto consideration.

A proposal was made by Graham Smith, seconded by Ron Little and all councillors

objected to this planning application.

DOV/12/00043 – Chy-vean, Homestead Lane, East Studdal.

Proposal: Erection of a single storey front extension and rear dormer roof extension.

A proposal was made by Graham, seconded by Sarah and all councillors agreed to this

planning application.

8. Finance:

Clerks wages 236.96 (1x wages)

Clerks expenses 20.00

Ron Little 41.80 (Trees & sundries for allotment)

Evergreen 82.32 (PF sign & removal of fly tipping hard core)


9. Playing Field: Quotes are being obtained from companies for the pollarding of the fir

trees in the Playing Field. To be discussed at the PC March meeting.

A Tender was made by Evergreen for grass cutting and strimming in the

Parish of £341.25 per month. This is to be discussed at the PC March meeting.

10, Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

BMX track January check was made by Simon.

11. Any other business/matters to discuss:

Tree Warden advert: Lucy was interested in the post for a voluntary Tree Warden for

the parish. Information on a Tree Wardens position is to be given to her by the Parish


Highways is to be contacted asking for the road to Northbourne CE Primary School

from East Studdal to be gritted when necessary to allow the school bus to get to the

School during icy weather. Extra street lighting and pollarding of the trees on the

bank in Homestead Lane are also to be requested.



12. Date of next meeting: 6th March 2012 – Meeting finished at 09.10 pm.