March 2012 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 6th March 2012

at 7.30 pm.

1. Present and apologies for absence:

Graeme Akhurst (Chairman for the meeting)

Carolyn Clews

Sarah Doolin

Graham Smith

Hugh Densham

Ron Little

Simon Butcher (from 8.30pm)

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Kent County Councillor: Steve Manion

Apologies for absence: Nick Kenton

Graeme Akhurst took the chair at 7.30 pm. Simon Butcher gave his apologies for

absence at the beginning of the meeting.

Members of the public: Mr Jones, Mrs P Jones, Mr Colin Stokes, Mrs L Tully, Mrs

Burton, Mrs B Odell, Mr C Hogben, Mr D Victor, Mrs C Richardson and Mrs J Bryant.

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Sarah proposed, Graham seconded and

all councillors approved of the minutes of the last meeting.

3. Declarations of interest: None.

4. Matters arising from the minutes: Graeme had spoken to KCC Highways Department

who agreed that the signs for the ‘Z’ bend in Little Mongeham were to far apart.

Highways will move the ‘Z’ signs closer to the bends themselves and renew road

markings. As they are now only using budget for safety issues. They will not replace

‘Mongham’ village sign by the ‘Chalk Pitts’ but would provide one if they did not

have to fund it.

Ron suggested writing a ‘Thank you’ letter to PCSO Annemarie Benson-Hawkes

for her work and interest in Sutton Parish. Annemarie has been allocated to another

area of work and is to be replaced by PCSO Nathan Prentice.

5. Visitors: Chris mentioned that the bank opposite Meadow Cottages, in Homestead

Lane was getting overgrown with trees and hiding the street lights from the road

making it very dark for pedestrians and road traffic. The clerk said that she had

recently contacted Open reach and Eon about the trees in Homestead Lane and was

waiting for a reply.

6. Correspondence: Graeme read out Annemarie’s email at the meeting in which she

explained the changing of PCSO‘s.

An email from Jerry Parkin was read out by Graeme. Jerry and his partner own land

East of ‘Follies’ amounting to 1.43 hectors. They are intending to sell the land

(subject to planning) for social/housing needs and have discussed this with the Dover

Planning Authority. A Local Needs Assessment is required as part of the promotion

of this site. Jerry says he feels this to be a good opportunity for the village to be able

to participate in ensuring the viability of the community and retain and maintain

with an opportunity for local residents to gain a foothold on the home owning ladder.

Jerry asked the council if they could advise him on his proposal.

In a reply letter to Jerry Parkin the council described a similar project in which they

actively pursued. The project failed when it was discovered that sustainability

criteria in the local plan could not be met. Since then we have lost our shop and

public house. There is no school and other conditions could not be met. The council

would still be pessimistic about a successful application and said that the suitability of

planning applications in the first instance would be judged against design principles

in the Parish Design Statement. A copy was enclosed with the letter. A proposal

was made by Graham, seconded by Carolyn and all councillors agreed on the reply


7. Local Planning:

DOV/12/00099 – Maydensole Farm Cottage, Roman Rd, Maydensole.

Proposal: Erection of a single storey side extension (existing garage/store) to be


Proposed by Sarah, seconded by Graham and all councillors agreed to positively

support this planning application.

DOV/12/00040 – Wingleton Farm, Sutton.

Proposal: Erection of ground mounted solar panels and perimeter fencing.

Proposed by Graeme, seconded by Ron and all councillors agreed to positively

support this planning application.

DOV/12/00053 – Sutton Vale Leisure Park, Vale Rd, Sutton.

Proposal: Works to one Pine tree: remove the leaning leader to rebalance tree.

Town & Country Planning (Trees) (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2008.

A proposal was made by Graeme, seconded by Ron and all councillors agreed

to an ‘objection’.

The council felt that the mature tree did not need culling and there had been no

independent evidence that the tree needed 1/3 of it removing.

8. Finance:

Clerks Wages 473.92 (2xmonths wages)

Clerks expenses 27.42 (expenses & stamps)

Southern Water 18.68 (allotment)

KCC 17.50 (allotment rent)

9. Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebration: On Aprils Agenda.

10. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

Tree surgeons quotes: From three quotes it was decided to employ Kingston Tree

Care to poll the fire trees in the Playing Field. A quote of £490 was given. All

councillors were in favour of this quote.

Tree Warden: Lucy Tully and Colin Stokes were welcomed as our new shared Tree

Wardens. Sarah proposed, seconded by Simon and all councillors agreed on having

two Tree Wardens for the parish and paying for a training session.

Tender for the Playing Field: A tender £341.25 was made by Evergreen. This was

accepted by the council. Proposed by Ron, seconded by Carolyn and all councillors

agreed to this quote.

A quote of £350 for cutting grass in the allotment orchard and walk ways was given

by Joe Stroud. This was accepted and proposed by Ron, seconded by Sarah and all

councillors agreed to this quote.

Simon checked the Playing Field and BMX track for February.


11. Any other business:


12. Date of next meeting: 3rd April 7.30 pm – Meeting finished at 9.15 pm.