April 2012 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 3rd April 2012

at 7.30pm.

1. Present and apologies for absence:

Simon Butcher (Chairman)

Sarah Doolin

Carolyn Clews

Hugh Densham

Graham Smith

Kent County Councillor: Steve Manion

Dover District Councillor: Nick Kenton

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Apologies for absence: Graeme Akhurst (Vice-Chairman)

Ron Little

Members of the public: Mrs Chris Richardson, Mrs Barbara Odell, Mrs Lucy Tully,

Mr Colin Stokes, Mr Charlie Hogben, Mr Peter Bates, Mr Paul Hathaway and Pat.

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Proposed by Graham, seconded by

Carolyn and all councillors approved of the minutes of the last meeting.

3. Declarations of interest: None.

4. Matters arising: None.

5. Visitors: Lucy said she had received a letter from DDC Planning dept. informing her

that ‘The Gables’, Downs Road, Studdal had been refused full planning permission.

Paul Hathaway asked the council for permission to plant a Magnolia tree in the

Memorial Garden, Studdal. He wished to place a memorial plaque in memory of his

wife below the tree. The council agreed that the tree and plaque could be placed in the

Memorial Gds.

Charlie asked if the white lines on the roads in the parish could be repainted. The

Clerk is to contact ‘Highways’ on this matter.

Chris said she hadn’t seen our PCSO lately. She was informed that the parish has a

new PCSO, Nathan Prentice, who has been introducing himself around the parish and

will be attending the PC meetings soon.

Steve Manion said that the allegations of the refuse men throwing rubbish over the

garden wall, within the parish, is taken seriously and is being investigated.

Steve also informed the council that a new ‘Mongeham’ sign would be installed where


Nick Kenton spoke on DDC’s new charges for the collection of garden waste. He said

That it would encourage householders to make their own garden composts and there-

fore reduce their costs.

6. Correspondence: Simon read out an email from KCC Highways Street Lighting

Engineer. He informed the council that because of the current economic situation there

is not sufficient funding to install extra lighting in Homestead Lane, East Studdal.

7. Date of Annual Parish Meeting: The council decided that the APM would be held on

the 8th May 2012 at 7.30pm. The Parish meeting would also be held that evening.

8. 2011/12 Accounts: The annual accounts will be ready for APM.

9. Finance:

Clerks wages 236.96 (1xmonths wages)

Clerks expenses 20.00 (expenses & stamps)

Joe Stroud 80.00 (pruning fruit trees in allotment)

Evergreen 75.00 (cutting of two tree’s in Playing Field)

Kingston Tree Care 490.00 (50% reduction of Leyland & Sycamore trees in PF)

KALC 267.56 (annual subscription)

Bank Charges 70.00 (bank service charge)

HMRC 177.80 (tax on wages)

The signing of the cheques was proposed by Simon, seconded by Hugh and all councillors approved. Graham and Hugh signed the cheques.

10. Village Sign: ‘Little Mongeham’ To be put on May Agenda.

11. Playing Field/Fields in Trust: The council can apply to join ‘Fields in Trust’ for £20.

Fields in Trust will support the Queen Elizabeth 11 Playing Field on promoting

the fundraising for the field. This was proposed by Graham, seconded by Sarah and

all councillors agreed on the joining of Fields in Trust.

12. Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebration: It was decided to celebrate the Queens

Jubilee by holding an informal picnic in the Playing Field on Monday 4th June 2012

at 1pm.onwards. Field games for children and adults will be played and other

entertainment is to be sought. It will advertised in ‘Rural Roundup’ / flyers in

household doors and posters around the parish.


13. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX Track:

Kinston Tree Care to contacted to see if they can reduce the width of the Leyland

tree’s in the Playing Field.

14. Any other business/matters to discuss:

Sarah express for parishioners to be aware of persons with a white van are cold

calling at householders doors asking for any unwanted items. She said this is quite

disconcerting for vulnerable persons.

15. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8th May 2012. Meeting finished at 8.35pm.