APM May 2012 minutes



Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held after due notice at Studdal Church Hall on

Tuesday 8th May 2012 at 8.15pm.

1. PRESENT Councillors: Simon Butcher (Chairman)

Graeme Akhurst (Vice-Chairman)

Sarah Doolin

Carolyn Clews

Ron Little

Hugh Densham

Graham Smith

Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Kent County Councillor: Steve Manion

Dover District Councillor: Nick Kenton


It was proposed by Grame Akhurst and seconded by Simon Butcher that the minutes

of the meeting of the 10th May 2011 be accepted and signed as a true record. All

Councillors agreed to the signing of the minutes.



4. CHAIRMANS REPORT (see attached report).


Dover District Councillor – Nick Kenton – ‘Development land & Waste’.

Nick commented that the Whitfield and Shoulden development plans were put

forward for core strategy areas. Any person can comment on the final development


SBDPC are in support of the development of the ‘Nurseries’, Downs Road, East

Studdal (on a reduced number of houses) and the three houses in Homestead Lane,

East Studdal.

Nick said there would be a 2.5% rise in council tax.

On the National Development Planning Framework (NDPF) a 5 year development

plan is required to demonstrate that we have a 5 yr. land supply that fits in with the

core strategy. DDC have only enough sites to fill its core strategy.

An enforcement on dog fouling and dropping litter in the street will come into force

with an ‘on the spot fine’ being issued.

The new recycling system has worked well with a 53% recyclable waste being colleted

(Feb 2012). DDC are the best performing recycling service in Kent where as eight

years ago they were at the bottom of the list. There will be a new wheely bin produced

later in the year for paper and householders may have to pay for this.




Kent County Councillor – Steve Manion – ‘Highways’

In his speech Steve said that £149 million had been invested in ‘Highways’ in Kent in

the last year. There were still pot holes waiting to be filled and anyone can phone or

email to report a pot hole that needs attention.

Highways have pledged to improve road safety on the Kent roads and are doing their

utmost to reach this fulfilment.


Spectrum Club – Maggie Crawley

Maggie said they have 8 to 10 children who regularly attend the Spectrum Club. In the

Last year they have had several newcomers and a few have left when they reach the

age limit. Maggie was pleased that children managed to attend the club during the

snowy and inclement weather of the winter. On Mothering Sunday the children wrote

poems of endearment and read them out at the Mothering Day Service held in Studdal

Church Hall.

Sutton Church – Maggie Crawley

Maggie reiterated the Reverend Kathy Sigrist’s words in thanking the Parish Council for

their support in the last year. They have 41 parishioners on the church roll.

Maggie said that a time lock had been installed on the main church door so that the

church can remain open during the day. ‘Sunday at Six’ service is held on the 1st

Sunday of each month in Studdal Church Hall and everyone is welcome.

The Church fete will be held in Sutton Community Centre on Saturday 2nd June.

Last years church fete raised over £1000 and was well supported.

Sutton Community Centre – Olive Foreman

Olive said the hall had been used variedly in the last year. The New Years Disco

was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Quiz Nights held, every few months, produced the main income for the hall.

Recently a new cleaning lady has been employed who has been a great help after a

spell without a cleaner.

Finances have been spent on: resurfacing the car park, painting walls inside and

repointing the outside walls, installing an outside light and buying new tables.

Olive expressed that new committee members are needed for the support of the hall

and would welcome any one who is interested.

Report from Northbourne CE Primary School – (read by Chairman) – (see attached)

6. Any other business :none

7. Meeting finished at 9.30pm.