June 2012 minutes



Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 12th June 2012

at 7.30pm.

1. Present and apologies for absence:

Simon Butcher (Chairman)

Carolyn Clews

Sarah Doolin

Hugh Densham

Ron Little

Graham Smith

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Apologies for absence: Graeme Akhurst (Vice-Chairman)

Members of the public: Mr D. Vickers, Mrs L. Pasco, Mrs B. Odell, Mrs C. Richardson,

Mr C. Stokes and Mr A. Fleetwood.

2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Proposed by Sarah, seconded by Hugh

and all councillors voted to accept the minutes of the last meeting.

3. Declarations of interest: Graham Smith had a declaration of interest in item 10 on the


4. Matters arising: None.

5. Visitors: Liz Pasco mentioned that the road sign on Boys Hill was over grown by a

Sycamore tree and asked if it could by cut back. Highways to be asked to trim the tree.

6. Correspondence: (read by Simon).

Email from Peer Spanner: Peer Spanner writes on behalf of his client Carl White of

‘The Gables,’ Downs Rd, East Studdal. Mr White was refused planning permission for

an annex to his house as it was to be constructed outside of the permitted development

boundary. Peer Spanner now ask’s if the council would a give comment on a new

planning application before it is submitted.

Simon suggested that as the council’s objections to the original planning application

was also made in support of the immediate neighbours of ‘The Gables’, that the new

planning application should be shown to them, so that their comments could be taken

into consideration.

Email from Mr Armitage: Ron emailed a copy, to the Parish Council, a letter he had

sent to DDC. The letter explained that Mr Armitage was not happy at all with the

facilities that the ’High & Dry’ public house is offering. He states that the proposed

changes given in the original planning application for the ’High & Dry’ had not been

adhered to and that he felt that the parish would loose it’s only existing rural business.

A letter is to be written to DDC enforcement officer asking for his views on

the position of the ‘High &Dry’ pub in respect of the comments made in Mr

Armitage’s letter.

7. Parish website: To be put on July Agenda.

8. High & Dry public house: Reference to item 6, Ron Armitage’s email.

9. Electronic planning: To be put on July Agenda.

10. Finance:

Clerks wages 236.96 (1xmonths wage)

Clerks expenses 78.02 (£20 expenses + 4.98 stationary + 53.04

food for APM)

Kent County Playing Field Assoc. 10.00 (2012 yearly subs)

Doug Vickers 167.06 (Brookers shopping for Jubilee picnic&

timber for planters)

Sue Smith 32.00 (4hrs. X £8 help with yearly accounts)

Evergreen 361.25 (grass cutting in PF. JB & memorial Gds.)

Sutton Church Burial Ground 80.00 (donation paid up to Nov.2011)

Jubilee picnic 500.00 (cheque CASHED for picnic expenses)

Veronica Harrop 280.13 (money spent on picnic – PAID)

HMRC 177.60 (tax on wages)

John Foche & Cushire charity 174.78 (donations given at the Jubilee Picnic)

Ron proposed, Simon seconded a motion to approve the signing of cheques and all

Councillors voted in favour.

Hugh and Ron signed the cheques.

10 a. Allotments: Simon suggested that it might be in the interest of the Parish Council

to purchase the allotments. Sarah will contact KCC and enquire on this subject.

11. Local planning:

DOV/12/00318 – Highfield Stables, Stoneheap Road, East Studdal, CT15 5BU

Proposal: Erection of a detached stable building.

Ron proposed, Graham seconded a motion to fully support the application. All

Councillors voted in favour.


DOV/12/00353 – Manor Farm, Little Mongeham, Deal, CT14 OHR

Proposal: Installation of 140 ground mounted solar panels and associated apparatus.

Simon proposed and Carolyn seconded a motion against the application. Three

Councillors abstained.

Their reasons for voting against were as follows:

Visual impact on the countryside and proximity to the footpath.


DOV/12/00363 – Chy-vean, Homestead Lane, East Studdal, CT15 5BL

Proposal: Erection of a single storey front extension and roof extension incorporating

a rear dormer.

Ron proposed and Sarah seconded a motion to fully support this application. All

councillors voted in favour of the motion.


12. Playing Fields in Trust: Sarah is to write and thank ‘Playing Fields in Trust’

for the boxes of ‘goodies’ which were used for the Diamond Jubilee picnic.

13. Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebration: Simon thanked all parishioners who helped

organise and participate in the Jubilee picnic. Despite the weather it was heartening to

have so many people join in the celebration and enjoy themselves.

Simon gave Graham (a trustee for John Foche & Cushire Charity) a cheque for

£174.78 for the charity. The money had been donated by people at the Jubilee Picnic.

Graham was astounded and thanked all who contributed to the donation.

A letter from Sue Donaldson and Jean was read out by Simon. Sue thanked everyone

for their efforts in creating a splendid jubilee celebration and said that it produced a

feeling of happy community spirit. They felt everyone had a good time.

14. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

Silver Jubilee planters: Everyone agreed that the new planters on the green opposite

the ‘Three Horse Shoes’, in Homestead Lane, looked good and were an improvement.

Land in front of ‘Three Horse Shoes’ pub:

Carolyn is going to research the ownership of the land in front of the ‘Three Horse


Kingston Tree Care:

Kingston Tree Care are to be asked if they will cut the Leylandi tree’s, in the Playing

Field, back further.

15. Any other business/matters to discuss:

The councillors agreed that a Parish Council meeting will not be held in August.


16. Date of next meeting: 3rd July 2012 Meeting finished at 9.15pm.