Agenda October 2012

Meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 7.00pm.
Visitors are welcome to speak on any item on the Agenda for up to 3 minutes.

1.  Present and apologies for absence:

2.  Approval of the last minutes:

3.  Declarations of interest:

4,  Matters arising:

5.  Visitors:

6.  Correspondence:

7.  Code of Conduct:

8.  Beacon Hill: width restriction.

9. Town & Parish meeting:

10.  Finance:
Clerks wages       236.96   (1x months wage)
Clerks expenses     53.72   (£20 x expen. & £33.72 printer ink)
KCC                     17.50    (Allotment rent)
CPRE                    29.00    (Membership to Campaign to Protect Rural England)
Southern Water     18.11    (water for Allotments)
HMRC                177.60    (tax on wages)
Evergreen           470.25    (cutting of PF & BMX track, Memorial Gds.& Picnic area)
Rural Roundup   100.00    (Donation to Rural Roundup magasine)

11.  Local  Planning:
DOV/12/00653 – The Gables, Downs Road, East Studdal, Dover, CT15 5BD.
Proposal: Erection of a rear conservatory extension.
For consideration of the Parish Council

12.  Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

13.  Any other matter/business to discuss:
Free bag of salt:
Audit Return:

14.  Date of next meeting: