December 2012 minutes


Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 4th December 2012

at 7.30pm.

1. Present and apologies for absence:

Simon Butcher (Chairman)

Graeme Akhurst (Vice-chairman)

Carolyn Clews

Sarah Doolin

Hugh Densham

Ron Little

Graham Smith

Kent County Councillor: Steve Manion

Dover District Councillor: Nick Kenton

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Apologies for absence: None

Members of the public: Mrs C. Richardson, Mrs L. Tully, Mrs B. Odell and Mr C.


2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Graeme proposed, Sarah seconded and all

Councillors approved of the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting.

3. Declarations of interest: None.

4. Matters arising: Hugh said he had received the 1 Ton of free road salt from KCC.

5. Visitors: The question was raised by the visitors as to whether it was legal to advertise

retail meat, on the side of a lorry, from a field next to the road. Would this be

covered by planning consent? DDC planning office are to be contacted on this matter.

Chris mentioned that waste vegetable matter dumped in the field along Stoneheap

Road was very unsightly and close to the road.

Steve said he was pleased that the new ’Little Mongeham’ sign had been put in place.

Graeme thanked Steve for having instigated the sign.

Nick said that several small businesses had shown an interest in the Pfizer’s

development. It was hoped that they would move their businesses there.

Nick also mentioned that the new 215 enforcement notice was now in force. Some

house owners in certain areas of Dover had been asked by DDC to tidy up their

house premises, gardens and rubbish in a pilot scheme to tidy up the town. If the

owners do not comply a 215 enforcement notice would be served.

Ron asked if the school bus situation could be put on January’s Agenda.

6. Correspondence: None

7. Precept 2013/14: To be put on January’s Agenda.

8. Finance:

Clerks wages 236.96 (1x months wage)

Clerks expenses 20.00 (1x months expenses)

HMRC 177.80 (tax on wages)

Joe Stroud 350.00 (Orchard grass cutting for 1 year)

Graeme and Hugh signed the cheques.

Sarah proposed, Graeme seconded and all councillors agreed to the above payments

being made.

9. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

Colin Stokes is to give a quote on cutting the hedge around the Playing Field as

it is encroaching on the edge of the field.

10. Any other matter/business to discuss:

To present the plans for Sutton House and swimming pool at the next meeting.

11. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 8th January 2013 – meeting finished at 8.30pm.