January 2013 minutes


Minutes of the meeting held in Sutton Church Hall on Tuesday 8th January 2013

at 7.30pm.

1. Present and apologies for absence:

Graeme Akhurst (Vice-chairman)

Carolyn Clews

Sarah Doolin

Hugh Densham

Ron Little

Kent County Councillor: Steve Manion

Dover District Councillor: Nick Kenton

Parish Clerk: Veronica Harrop

Apologies for absence: Simon Butcher

Graham Smith

Members of the public: Mrs B. Odell, Mr C. Stokes, Mrs L. Pasco, Mr C. Hogben,

Mr D. Vickers, Mrs J. Bryant, Mrs C. Richardson and Mrs L. Godderidge.

In the absence of the Chairman, Mr Graeme Akhurst (Vice-chairman), chaired the


2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Graeme proposed, Ron seconded and all

Councillors present approved of the resolution to accept the minutes of the last


3. Declarations of interest: None.

4. Matters arising: Councillors expressed their concern that Sutton House, Church Hill,

Sutton. might not be building the swimming pool and gymnasium according to the

Planning permission granted. The council asked the Clerk to write a letter to DDC

Planning Enforcement Officer asking him to assess the building work and give the

Parish Council a comment on the development.

5. Visitors: Mrs Godderidge commented on the amount of mud which had collected at

the bottom of Church Hill, Sutton. She said although DDC had cleared the access

pipe of mud and swept the road, so that rain water could run into Sutton Pond, DDC

were unable to sweep the hill properly as a red van had been parked at the bottom of

the hill for some considerable time. Graeme said he would speak to the owner of the

van to ask what his plans for parking the van were in the future.

Charlie asked if Highways could be contacted about the pot holes in some of the roads

in the parish. The Clerk will contact Highways on this matter.

6. Road side advertising: The Parish Council is waiting for a reply from the DDC

Planning Enforcement Officer on the legality of advertising retailed meat, on the

side of a lorry, from a field next to Downs Road, East Studdal.

7. Correspondence: None.

8. Precept 2013/14: The precept for 2013/2014 was set by the councillors at £10,368.

Graeme proposed, Sarah seconded and all councillors agreed on the amount set

for 2013/2014 precept. It was noted that this was a freezing of the precept at the

level of last year.

9. School buses: There was no new developments to report.

10. Finance:

Clerks wage 236.96 (1x months wage)

Clerks expenses 20.00 (1x months expenses)

Carolyn proposed, Hugh seconded and all councillors approved of the

payments. The cheques were signed by Hugh and Ron.

Parsonage Farm, Vale Road, Sutton. – The council discussed the use of Parsonage

Farm as it seemed that there was a brewery being operated from there. Also, a free

standing shelter, visible from the road, had been erected at the top of the driveway

and the Parish Council did not appear to have any plans for this.

The Clerk was asked to contact the DDC Planning Enforcement Officer to question

the planning situation regarding Parsonage Farm.

DDC PEO was also to be asked if planning permission was needed to erect solar

panels on the roof of a house in a conservation area.

11. Local Planning:

DOV/12/00989 – The Yews, Forge Lane, Sutton CT15 5DG

Proposal: Erection of a two storey and single storey rear extension.

Graeme proposed, Ron seconded and all councillors approved a resolution to

positively support this planning application as it complies with the Village Design


12. Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX Track:

Colin Stokes gave the council a quote of £95.00 for cutting back the encroaching

hedge around the Playing Field. Hugh proposed, Ron seconded and all councillors

agreed on a resolution to accept the quote for cutting the Playing Field..

Ron is to place chicken wire around the trees in the allotment which are being

eaten by rabbits.

13. Any other business/matters to discuss:

The Clerk was asked to invite the PCSO to the February meeting.

14. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 5th February 2013 – Meeting finished at 09.10pm