Agenda June 2013



Meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 4


Visitors are welcome to speak on any item on the Agenda for up to 3 minutes.


1.   Present and apologies for absence:


2.   Approval of the last minutes:


3.   Declarations of interest:


4.   Matters arising:


5.   Visitors:


6.   Clever Clogs:


7.   Correspondence: Ann Barns (Kent Police Commissioner).


8.   Notice Board estimates:


9.   Playing Field: Land Registration.


10.  Local Planning:


DOV/13/00336  –  Studdal Pork Farm, The Follies, Downs Road, East Studdal.


Proposal: Erection of a detached dwelling and three bay agricultural building with office


over to include landscaping and associated works (existing mobile home to be




For consideration of the Parish Council


11.  Finance:


Clerks wages            273.76      (1x months wage)


Clerks expenses       108.83     (£20 expen, Food 64.88, Stationary 16.75, stamps 7.20)


Evergreen                 373.00      (JBX2, MGx2, PFx2, BMX x1)


12.  Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:


13.  Any other business/matters to discuss:


14.  Date of next meeting: