June 2013 minutes


Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 4th June 2013 at 7.30pm.


1.   Present and apologies for absence:

Simon Butcher          (Chairman)

Graeme Akhurst       (Vice-Chairman)

Carolyn Clews

Sarah Doolin

Hugh Densham

Graham Smith

Ron Little

Kent County Councillor:                    Steve Manion

Dover District Councillor:                  Nick Kenton

Parish Clerk:                                        Veronica Harrop


Members of the public: Mrs P. Burton, Mr C. Stokes, Mrs C. Willet, Mr D. Willet, jnr.

Mr C. Hogben, Mr D. Vickers, Mrs L. Miller and Mr R. Alldridge.

2.   Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:  Graeme proposed, Ron seconded and all

Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting.

3.   Declarations of interest: None.

4.   Matters arising: None.

5.  Visitors: Charlie said that there had been an increase of quad bike traffic through Studdal.

He thought that the vehicles were exceeding the speed limit and were being driven in

an irresponsible way.

Ron  found that some quad bike riders did slow down for pedestrians.

Steve said that he wished to continue to spread his KCC grants to local organisations

which included funding for village halls.

Steve talked about the new litter prosecutions saying that the new scheme had worked

well so far.  Carolyn said that the fly tipping in Willow Woods and surrounding areas

had increased.

6.   Clever Clogs:  The Councillors discussed the possibilities of helping Clever Clogs with

funding. The money would be spent on advertising to draw in new clientele from other

villages and towns as there are few children of pre-school age that live in the parish.

It was decided that maintaining a pre-school in the parish was important as there was

every reason to believe that parishioners would benefit in the future as more children

were born into or moved into the parish.  Graeme indicated that the council did have the

power under section 137 of the local government act 1972 to make a donation subject

to financial limits and a determination that it was proportionate and that it was recorded

in the accounts as a separate line item.

The Council offered £500 to help fund Clever Clogs. This was accepted by Linda Miller

treasurer of Clever Clogs.

This was proposed by Carolyn, second by Ron and all Councillors agreed on a cheque for

£500 being signed for Clever Clogs.

7.   Correspondence: Simon read a letter sent by Ann Barnes Kent Police and Crime


The letter thanked the Council for contacting her to confirm that we are now in contact

with our local PCSO.  She states that she is committed to community policing and has

pledged to have a further 60 PCSO,s and 20 more Police Officers for Kent in the near

future.  A fleet of mobile police stations will be travelling to the rural parts of Kent to

provide reassurance to our communities.

Graeme read an email from Anne Nayes which asked for the district council to reconsider

the charges levied for green rubbish bags.  The email also maintained that abridged

minutes were being published and that things which were discussed one month were

not subsequently referred to.  Simon said that this email would be discussed at the next


8.   Notice board estimates:  Two quotes were given to the Council for a new notice board

to be made to replace the old one at Studdal Church Hall.

Colin Stokes quoted £240 and Bob Cox £132.

Sarah proposed, Graeme seconded and all Councillors agreed on the quote from Bob Cox.

9.   Playing Field:  Carolyn said that she and Veronica had spent some time going through the

Parish   Council archive material.  In an old minutes book it was stated that deeds  for the

Playing Field   had been placed with a solicitor in Sandwich.  Carolyn was to contact the

Solicitors involved.

10.  Local Planning:

DOV/13/00336 – Studdal Pork Farm, The Follies, Downs Road, Studdal.

Proposal: Erection of a detached dwelling and a three bay agricultural building with

office over to include landscaping and associated works (existing mobile homes to be


Graham pointed out   the Council had never objected to the building of a bungalow on

the siting of the original bungalow and had also supported the application for a barn.  As

regards the current application it was proposed that the council would support a more

modest dwelling linked to the agricultural purpose.

Graham proposed, Sarah seconded and Carolyn, Hugh and Ron  supported the resolution

agreeing to a more modest dwelling  linked to the agricultural purpose.

Simon voted against this proposal and Graeme abstained from voting.

11.  Finance:

Clerks wages        273.76     (1xmonths wage)

Clerks expenses    108.83    (£20 expen, food 64.88, stationary 16.75, stamps 7.20)

Evergreen              373.00    (JBx2, MGx2, PFx2, BMX x 1)

Simon proposed, Ron seconded and all Councillors agreed to the signing of the cheques.

Graeme and Graham signed the cheques.

Ron and Hugh signed the cheque for Clever Clogs. (see item 6).

12.  Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:

Highways are to repair the soakaway at the bottom of Strakers Hill and under the

Memorial  Garden. This is to be done at their expense. The memorial plaque will be

removed by the Parish Council whilst the repairs are be made. However prior to any

work starting Simon said he wanted to meet a highways representative on site.

Colin said that rubbish is still be dumped in the Playing Field

13.  Any other business/matters to discuss:

Nick said that as regards the green bag issue several residents can share a ‘green

licence’, cost £40 per year, to get rid of their garden waste.

14.  Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 2nd July   –   meeting finished at 09.30pm.