July 2013 minutes

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Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at 7.30pm.
1.   Present and apologies for absence:
Simon Butcher       (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst    (Vice-Chairman)
Carolyn Clews
Sarah Doolin
Hugh Densham
Graham Smith
Ron Little
Parish Clerk:                                           Veronica Harrop
Apologies for absence:                             None.
Members of the public:  Mrs L. Wales, Mrs P. Burton, Mr D. Vickers, Mr C. Hogben,
Mr C. Stokes, Mrs L. Patrick, Mrs C. Richardson, Mrs C. Inglin, Mrs B.  Merriman and
PCSO. I. Norton (Kent Police).
2.   Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:  The minutes of the last meeting (June
2013) mistakenly omitted that Charlie Hogben had mentioned that a quad bike gone over
and thrown it’s rider in Downs Road.  The rider was shaken but got up unhurt.
With this amendment  reference resolution to accept the draft  minutes of the June
meeting was proposed by Graeme, seconded by Ron and all councillors voted in favour.
3.  Declarations of interest: None.
4.  Matters arising: None.
5.  Visitors: Colin   gave reasons as to why his quote for making a new notice board
(presented at June’s meeting) was a £100 more than Bob Cox’s  quote.  He had intended
to engrave the ‘Parish Council’ title on the board and make other alterations different to
Bob’s  plan.
Colin referred to Junes Local Planning submission ‘Studdal Pork Farm’ : that he felt that in
the plan’s submitted some of the point’s raised were incorrect.  Simon suggested that
Colin spoke to DDC Planning department as the parish council had already considered this
Charlie said that the grass banks in the parish needed cutting back and also the foot path
‘North Downs Way’ which runs from Maydensole to Ashley. Across Mr Plommer’s and Mr
Cannon’s fields.
The Clerk was to contact KCC Highways and ask for the cutting to be undertaken.
Carolyn had investigate the planning conditions of the ‘shop’ in Homestead Lane.  It was
found that there was no planning condition attached to the shop frontage beyond the
building line should the building revert to a dwelling.
Claire said that the 2 street lights in Stoneheap Road were still not working.  It was
suggested that Steve Manion be contacted as he had reported the street lights to
Highways previously.
PCSO Ian Norton (standing in for PCSO Gary Faulkner) gave a report which said that no
serious crimes  had been committed in the parish in 2012/13.  He said that on/off road
motor  and quad bikers could be reported to the police by phoning ‘101’ if there was
a problem.  The unofficial boot fair parking on the A256 had been looked into by Gary.
He had spoken to the organiser of the boot fair on the parking and ‘no parking’ signs
had been put up on the grass verges near to the boot fair entrance sight.
6.  Messy Church, Spectrum and Jam & Jabba:  Liz Wales and Anna Ford.
Liz said that Messy Church was held every 4th Sunday afternoon in Studdal Church Hall.
An ipod and speakers were needed by the club in order to provide music for the event.
Anne spoke for Spectrum and Jam & Jabba  and said that they would like to purchase
a light weight portable pool table, music books and some percussion instruments.
For these  items Liz and Anne asked the Council for funding.
Simon proposed, Graham seconded and all Councillors agreed to a resolution to sign
a cheque for £500 in favour.
Spectrum to purchase items that would be used to help the youth of the parish.
It was noted that this money was to be debited in the accounts against the £1400
which was left over from the ‘Youth Club’ funds that had previously been held in a
post office account which closed some time ago.
7.  DDC Green bag waste (annual fee for green bags):  It was said by Nick Kenton at the
Previous meeting that green garden waste bags could be purchased from DDC by
residents sharing the cost of £40.  Nick was not present at the meeting to comment
8.   Correspondence: email from Paul Francis: Sutton House and Parsonage Farm.
Email from Anne Nayes re:  contents of minutes. Was not read out as read by Simon at
Junes PC meeting.
Simon read Paul Francis’s email:  “ I believe consent is required for the micro brewery at
‘Parsonage Farm’.  I have invited a retrospective application without prejudice and
when this is received you will be contacted and asked to resubmit any observations
you may have.
Sutton House – I have again written to the owner of Sutton House as I have not received
a reply to earlier letters.  He knows consent is required for the deviation from the
original plans and I have now told him that we will consider the expediency of
enforcement action should we not receive an application within 28 days.
I will update you when I have something substantive to report.
9.    Independent internal auditor: Claire Inglin  has offered to become the Parish Councils
Internal Auditor.  She will audit the councils yearly accounts and give guidance
in the administration of the accounts.  Claire provided a reference of her relevant
qualifications  to the council.   Graeme proposed, Simon seconded and all
Councillors passed a resolution to approve Ms Inglin becoming its independent
Internal Auditor.
10.  Review village website:   Simon said that at present Anne Nayes updates the village
Website.  Carolyn has offered to take over the running of the website.  The Clerk was
asked to write to Anne thanking her for time and effort in the running of the website
and her conscientious work carried out over the years for the Parish Council.
11.  Finance:
Clerks wages               273.76     (1x months wage)
Clerks expenses            20.00     (1x months expenses)
Evergreen                    358.00     (JBx2, MGx1, PFx1, BMX x1)
HMRC                             67.20     (Tax on wages)
Southern Water              6.67    (Allotment water)
Bob Cox                        132.00    (Carpenter- making of new notice board)
Spectrum                     500.00  (funding given towards equipment for youth of the parish)
Simon proposed, Ron seconded and all councillors passed a resolution that all cheques
were to be signed.  Hugh and Graham signed the cheques.
12.  Allotments, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
Carolyn has been following the path of the Playing Field deeds which have not yet been
found.  To be put on Septembers Agenda.
Memorial Garden soakaway:  No news on this from KCC.
13.  Any other business/matters to discuss:
Simon suggested that a Lap Top be bought for  the Parish Council so that it could be
used at  meetings.  To be put on Septembers Agenda.
The Clerk was asked to contact Vfast and ask for the promised  ‘hot spot’ to be installed
in the Church Hall.
14.  Date of next meeting:   Tuesday 3rd September 2013.  –     Meeting finished at 08.50pm