September 2013 Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 3rd September 2013
at 7.30 pm.
1.   Present and apologies for absence:
Simon Butcher          (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst       (Vice-Chairman)
Carolyn Clews
Sarah Doolin
Parish Clerk:                                           Veronica Harrop
Apologies for absence:                        Hugh Densham
Ron Little
Graham Smith
Members of the public:  Mr C. Hogben, Mr D. Vickers, Mr R. Alldridge, Mr P. Willet, Miss L. Patrick, Mrs C. Richardson.
2.   Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:  Graeme proposed, Sarah seconded and all
Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting.
3.   Declarations of interest:  None.
4.   Matters arising:  None.
5.   Visitors:  Charlie asked if the road signs in the parish could be cleaned as some had green
verdigree on them.  The Clerk will contact Highways for this to be done.
Several of the visitors commented on the bad parking at the Stoneheap Rd. / Willow Rd.
cross roads at the weekend of 30th August.  This was due to a Musical Gathering held in
Stoneheap Road.  The Clerk said that the Police had been informed of the adverse
parking  who had visited the site and were aware of the situation.
Richard  mentioned  that there were tractors and heavy farm machinery driving too fast
down Strakers Hill making it dangerous for other road users and pedestrians.
Simon commented on how nice the flowers looked on the ‘Three Horse Shoes Green’
and thanked Doug for tending the plants.
6.   Correspondence:  Letters read by Simon.
Maggie Crawley sent a letter of thanks to the Parish Council for the donation of £500
for the ‘Spectrum After- School Club’. They have been able to buy new art materials and
modelling media.  They are also looking at further resources to be shared with ‘Jam &
The Church Warden’s of the St. Peter and St. Pauls Church Parochial Church Council in
Sutton, sent a letter asking for further information about the Vfast  receiver , being
installed on the outside of Sutton Church Hall.   They said that the matter had not been
discussed with the PCC and with some information wished to discuss it at their next PCC

7.   Independent Internal Auditor:   The Clerk said that she had been corresponding with the
Internal Auditor to clarify the accounts.
8.   Assets Register:  To be put on October’s Agenda.
9.   Playing Field: Carolyn reported on the progress of the Playing Field deed’s search and
dedication as a QE 11 field.  The Chairman proposed that Carolyn be authorised to agree
form of dedication with ‘Field’s in Trust’ lawyers and spend up to £100 registering
the restriction on behalf of ‘Fields in Trust’ with HM Land Registry at the same time
for the first registration of the unregistered portion of the field.  The fields
registration is subject to clarifying the position with the charities commission. Simon
proposed, Sarah seconded and all Councillors approved of giving Carolyn a cheque for
£100 and with the continuation of the registering of the Playing Field.
10. Village website: Carolyn has recently taken over the managing of the parish website
and has updated it.  She has put on the July minutes and the agenda for September.
Carolyn would welcome parishioners to email poems to her  so that a poem of the
month can be put on the website.
11.  Parish Council laptop:  It was decided by the Councillors that a laptop should be bought
for use by the Parish Clerk.  Veronica will get some information on various laptops and
inform the Councillors on them.
12.  Finance:
Clerks wages             547.52        (2 x months wages)
Clerks expenses         64.70         (£40 expenses+£24.70 for stationary & ink)
Sutton Church           120.00        ((11 months hall hire + 2 hrs)
Sutton Church             80.00         (Burial Ground)
Evergreen                   563.00        (PFx3, JBx3, MGx2, BMX x2)
KCC                                 17.50        (Allotment rent)
KCPFA                            20.00        (Annual subs: Kent County Playing Fields Assoc.)
CPRE                               36.00       (Annual subs: Campaign to Protect Rural England)
Sarah proposed, Simon seconded and all Councillors agreed to the signing of the
cheques.  The cheques were signed by Graeme at the meeting.  Hugh signed the
cheques the following day as he was not at the meeting.
13    Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:  Simon to continue checking
the Playing Field monthly for any problems.
14.   Any other business/matters to discuss:
Simon said it was with  sadness that the Parish had lost a dear friend in Barbara
Odell.   Barbara had  been a good friend to many people in the village and had
supported many local organisations including the Parish Council for many years.
It was suggested that some kind of memorial was made in the village in memory
of Barbara.  Graeme agreed to talk to Ray about a memorial for Barbara.
15. Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 1st October 2013   –     Meeting finished at 8.25 pm.
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