Agenda November 2013

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Meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 5th  November 2013 at 7.30 pm.
Visitors are welcome to speak on any item on the Agenda for up to 3 minutes.
1.   Present and apologies for absence:
2.   Approval of the last minutes:
3.   Declarations of interest:
4.   Matters arising:
Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 1st October 2013
at 7.30 pm.
1.   Present and apologies for absence:
Simon Butcher            (Chairman)
Sarah Doolin
Graham Smith
Hugh Densham
Ron Little
Dover District Councillor:                         Steve Manion
Parish Clerk:                                                Veronica Harrop
Apologies for absence:                              Graeme Akhurst         (Vice-Chairman)
Carolyn Clews
Members of the public: Mr C. Hogben, Mr D. Vickers, Mr C. Stokes, Mrs P. Burton, Mr P. Willet, Miss L. Patrick, Mrs C. Willet, Mrs L. Pasco, Mr R. Alldridge, Mrs C. Inglin, Mrs B. Merriman and  Mrs C. Richardson.
2.   Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Mrs Doolin proposed, Mr Butcher seconded
and all Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting.
3.   Declarations of interest: None.
4.   Matters arising:  The Clerk said that Vfast had spent some time with the installation of a
receiver ‘hot spot’ in Studdal Church Hall.  Unfortunately as there was no signal to be
received  and Vfast were unable to install the ‘hot spot’.  Vfast will try to resolve this
The Clerk said that she had asked Highways if they would clean the road signs in the
Parish and put right the sign post at the crossroads on Strakers Hill.  Highways replied
that they had looked at the road signs and felt that they did not need cleaning.  The
Strakers Hill sign would be rectified.
Highways had contacted the Clerk asking if the Parish would like one tonne of free
salt for the County Council grit  boxes. It was agreed that they would deliver the grit
Grame Akhurst had asked the Clerk to tell the meeting that he had spoken to Mr Ray
Odell on the Parish Council’s wishes to have some form of memorial in the parish to
honour Mrs Barbara Odell.  Mr Akhurst said that Mr Odell is thinking about it but is not
ready  to make a decision on the matter at the moment.
Mr Smith said that Barbara would be sadly missed by all who are involved with the
‘John Foche and Cushire Charity’ of which Barbara was a trustee.  The charity is looking
for a volunteer in the parish who would be willing to become a trustee.  It would involve
meeting once a year to discuss the distribution of food hampers given out to widows and
widowers in the parish at Christmas time. If anyone is interested please contact Ronnie
on 01304 375142.
5.  Visitors: Mr Little commented to Mr Manion  that he felt that it was a bad situation that
all Grammar school children will have to pay for their bus transport to and from school.
Mr Little asked the Clerk if Highways could be contacted and asked if they would sweep
Roman Road as it was becoming silted up with mud at the sides and taking  off  a material
amount of the width of the road.
6.   Local Planning:
DOV/13/00709  –  5 Meadow Cottages, Homestead Lane, East Studdal, Dover.
Proposal: Erection of a single storey rear extension (existing utility room to be
Mr Little proposed, Mr Smith seconded and all Councillors passed a resolution
to support this planning application.
DOV/13/00751 –  The Cabin, Church Hill, Sutton, Dover.
Proposal: Erection of a single side extension and a first floor front extension.
Mrs Doolin proposed, Mr Densham seconded and all Councillors passed a
resolution in  support of this planning application.
DOV/13/00769  –  The Follies, Downs Road, East Studdal, Dover.
Proposal: Variation of condition 3 of planning permission DOV/09/00393 to allow the
proposed barn to be occupied before the existing barn is demolished; and Variation of
condition 4 of DOV/09/00393 to allow the residential occupation of the caravan; and
Variation of condition 10 of DOV/09/00393 to allow that should the pig rearing cease
at the site, or permission for a farm house be granted then the caravan be removed
(Application Under Section 73).
Mr Butcher proposed, Mr Smith seconded and all Councillors passed a resolution that
a delegated Councillor (Mr Butcher) would speak with DDC Planning Office to establish
the facts of these plans.  From this discussion Mr Butcher would give a decision on the
findings of this report. All Councillors agreed on this action.
6.  Correspondence:  Mr Butcher read a report emailed by PCSO Gary Painter.
‘There were no incidencies in the parish during August 2013. The phone call regarding
the ‘Smugglers Festival’ would be logged with Great Mongeham PCSO because of the
address of the festival’.
7.   Assets Register:  Some of the assets of the Parish were updated and revalued in the
Asset  Register.
8.   Parish Council Laptop:  It was discussed by the Council that the Clerk should buy a laptop
for her’s and the Parish Council’s use. The Clerk and Mrs Doolin were to decide on which
laptop would be suitable for the purpose and to purchase it to a cost of up to £400.
It was proposed by Mr Smith, seconded by Mrs Doolin and all Councillors passed a
resolution to support the Clerk spending up to £400 on a laptop.
9.   QE 11 Playing Field: To be discussed at the November meeting.

10. Finance:
Clerks wages               273.76      (1 x months wage)
Clerks expenses            40.00      (£20 expenses & £20 printer ink)
HMRC                             67.20      (Tax on wages)
PKF  Little John LLP    120.00      (External audit of Annual Return)
Mr Little proposed, Mr Smith seconded and all Councillors agreed to the signing of the
cheques.   The cheques were signed by Mr Smith and Mr Densham.
11.   Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX Track:
Mr Butcher praised Mr Stokes for his hard work in cutting the grass in the Playing Field,
BMX Track, Memorial Garden and Picnic area and said how tidy they looked.
Mr Little said that he needed to buy 6 stakes and stake-holders for some trees in
the Allotment. The Council agreed to this.
Mrs Willet said that that there was a rough area in the BMX Track, in a certain
place, and she was concerned that someone would stumble across it.  Mr Stokes said
he would investigate the matter.
12.  Any other business/matters to discuss: Mr Butcher told the audience that there would
be a meeting held in Shepherdswell on Wednesday 2nd October 2013 at 7pm on ‘The
Bore Hole’ situation. Mr Butcher felt that Shepherdswell should be supported in the
approaching investigation of bore-holing for gas.
13.  Date of next meeting: Tuesday 5th November 2013.    Meeting finished at 08.10pm.



6.   Correspondence: Letter from Ms Elizabeth Godderidge to Mr Paul Francis, Planning
Enforcement Officer for Dover District Council and  Mr Paul Francis’s reply letter.
7.   Local Planning:
DOV/13/00829   –   Pilgrims Nook, West Studdal, Sutton, Dover, CT15 5BH.
Proposal: Change of use and conversion of stables to a 6 bedroom holiday let,
erection of a detached single storey communal building, erection of 2 yurts and
associated car parking and works  (existing Nissen building to be demolished).
For the consideration of the Parish Council

DOV/13/00393  –  The Follies, Downs Rd, Studdal, Dover.
Parish Council’s reply to this application.

8.   Sutton Lodge:
9.   Hedge cutting:  Church Lane, Sutton &  Homestead Lane, East Studdal.
10.  Parish Council Laptop:
11.  QE 11 Playing Field:

12.  Finance:
Clerks wages            273.76         (1 x months wage)
Clerks expenses         20.00         ( £20 expenses)
Evergreen                 310.00         THIS MAY CHANGE
Joe Stroud                 350.00         (Yearly charge for grass cutting in allotment & orchard)
Jeff Watts                  160.00        (Excavating and filling in old cesspit in Playing Field)
KCC                               17.50        (Allotment rent)

13.  Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
Playing Field cesspit:
14.  Any other business/matters to discuss:
15.  Date of next meeting: