November 2013 minutes

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Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 5th November 2013
at 7.30 pm.

1.   Present and apologies for absence:
Simon Butcher               (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst            (Vice-Chairman)
Carolyn Clews
Sarah Doolin
Hugh Densham
Ron Little
Dover District Councillor:                  Steve Manion
Parish Clerk:                                         Veronica Harrop
Apologies for absence:                       Graham Smith
Members of the public: Mrs C. Willet, Miss K. Hathaway, Mr C. Hogben, Mr D. Vickers,
Mr R. Alldridge, Mr C. Stokes, Mrs B. Merriman, Mrs C. Inglin, Mrs J. Bryant, Mr R. Odell.
2.   Approval of the minutes of the last meeting:  Mr Little proposed, Mr Butcher seconded
and all Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting.
3.   Declarations of interest:  None.
4.   Matters arising:  None.
5.   Visitors:  Mr Butcher said that the meeting was please to welcome  Mr Odell and wished
him well.   Mr Odell thanked the residents of the parish for their kindness in the loss of
his wife Barbara Odell.  Mr Akhurst said that he and Mr Odell had discussed an
appropriate memorial for Barbara.  Mr Odell suggested that a seat situated on ‘The Picnic
Area’ at Jacks Bush would be a fitting  place for a memorial to Barbara.  A  memorial
plaque would be fixed to the seat. To be put on November’s Agenda.
Mr Alldridge asked if there was a fuel club in the parish where parishioners use the same
fuel merchants and therefore can acquire a discount.  Mr Butcher said that he did not
know of one but perhaps Mr Alldridge  might like to initiate a club.
Mr Manion said Eythorne, Tilmanstone and other villages that had been proposed for
boring were at the present gaining more information on ‘Fracking’.
6.   Correspondence: Letter from Mrs Godderidge to Mr Paul Francis, Planning
Enforcement Officer for Dover District Council and Mr Francis reply letter.
In her letter Mrs Godderidge  had been drawn to the attention that a new vehicle
entrance had been made to Sutton Lodge, Vale Rd, Sutton.  She felt that it was
dangerous because it was on a notoriously bad bend and extremely narrow part of the
road.  It is within a Conservation Area and a hedge and trees had been removed. She
also pointed out that the bank, which had been removed in the process, could subside
if heavy rain was to  occur. Mrs Godderidge asked the Enforcement Officer to investigate
the matter.
Mr Francis replied that a Planning Investigation Officer would visit the site and make
enquiries to find out whether a breach of planning control had occurred.  Depending on
the findings they will decide if any action is necessary.
The Parish Clerk was asked to contact Mr Francis to see if the site had been visited.
7.   Local Planning:
DOV/13/00829  –  Pilgrims Nook, West Studdal, Sutton, Dover, CT15 5BH.
Proposal: Change of use and conversion of stables to a 6 bedroom holiday let, erection
of a detached single storey communal building, erection of 2 yerts and associated car
parking and works (existing Nissen building to be demolished).
Mr Akhurst proposed, Mrs Doolin seconded and all Councillors passed a resolution to
support this planning application.
DOV/13/00393  –  The Follies, Downs Road, Studdal, Dover. (Parish Councils reply to this
planning application).
Mr Butcher read and explained to the meeting a letter (to DDC Planning) with the
decision made on this planning application.  Mr Butcher had previously sort guidance
from DDC Planning to establish the facts of this detailed application with the agreement
of the Parish Councillors.
During Mr Butchers reading he repeatedly requested Mrs Willet not to interrupt him.
Mrs Willet said that she wanted to discuss the application but Mr Butcher explained that
her opportunity to speak was in the visitors section.  Mrs Willett said that she had
thought that as her points related to this matter she would get to speak when the
application was being discussed.
8.   Sutton Lodge: See item 6, Correspondence.
9.   Hedge cutting: Church Lane, Sutton & Homestead Lane, East Studdal.
Mr Stokes ‘Tree Warden’  said that several hedges that lined the sides of Church
Hill, Sutton were in need of cutting back as they were restricting the vision of vehicles.
It was decided that Mr Stokes would call on these residents, on behalf of the Parish
Council, and ask if they could please trim their hedges.  The Parish Clerk was asked to
give Mr Stokes  an authorising letter  from the Parish Council stating that he was working
on their behalf.
Mrs Harrop said that the hedgerows in Homestead Lane, opposite Meadow Cottages,
were over hanging the road and obstructing the street lighting making the vision very
poor. Mr Akhurst said that he would speak to the land owner/tenant of the hedge and
ask if it could be cut back.
10. Parish Council Laptop: To be put on Decembers Agenda.
11.  QE 11  Playing  Field:  To be put on Decembers Agenda.
12.  Finance:
Clerks wages           273.76     (1 x months wage)
Clerks expenses        20.00     (£20 expenses)
Evergreen                635.00     (PF x4= £420. JBx2=£96. BMX x2=£74. MG x3=£45)
Jo Stroud                 350.00      (Yearly charge for grass cutting in Allotment & Orchard)
Jeff Watts                160.00      (Excavating and filling in old cesspit in Playing Field)
KCC                             17.50       (Allotment rent)
Mrs Doolin proposed, Mr Butcher seconded and all Councillors agreed to the signing
of the cheques.  Mr Densham and Mr Akhurst signed the cheques.

13.  Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX Track:
Mr Little asked Mr Vickers if he would turn the water off in the Allotment.
Mr Little also asked  the Clerk to ask Mr Stroud if he would prune the fruit trees
in the Allotment.
14.  Any other business/matters to discuss:
15.  Date of next meeting:     3rd December 2013.           Meeting finished at 20.45 pm.