December 2013 Minutes

Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 3rd December 2013
at 7.30pm.

1.   Present and apologies for absence:
Simon Butcher                 (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst              (Vice-Chairman)
Carolyn Clews
Sarah Doolin
Hugh Densham
Ron Little
Graham Smith
Dover District Councillor:                   Steve Manion
District Councillor:                               Nick Kenton
Parish Clerk:                                          Veronica Harrop
Members of the public: Mr E. Odell, Mrs L. Pasco, Mr C. Hogben, Mr C. Stokes,
Mrs C. Richardson, Mr R. Alldridge, Mrs T. Case-Duncan, Mr B. Winter, Mrs B. Merriman
and Mrs C. Inglin.
2.  Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Mr Little proposed, Mr Densham seconded
and all Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting
which included two small alterations.
3.   Declarations of interest: None.

4.   Matters arising:  Mr Akhurst said that he had asked James Ledger if he would cut back
the hedge, bordering field farmed by the Ledgers, in Homestead Lane, Studdal.  The
hedge has now been cut.
5.   Visitors:  Mr Stokes said that the water run off on Church Hill, Sutton had become
clogged up with leaves and debris. The Clerk was asked to contact Highways and ask
if they could clear the run off and the road edges of Church Hill.
Mr Stokes had visited some house owners on Church Hill, with the purpose of asking
them if they would cut back their garden hedges which over hang into the road.
He said that all the  owners visited have now cut their hedges except for one
which will be cut by contractors next week.
Mrs Pasco asked if planning permission was needed for a caravan if it was to stay on
a  site for some time.  The Council said that planning permission was not needed if the
caravan was not intended to be a permanent fixture but it was suggested Mrs Pasco
kept a eye out and spoke to the planning department if the caravan was still there after
three months.
Mr Kenton said that progress at the new business centre at Bettshanger was at a very
exciting stage.  Hadlow College were  moving forward fast with their plans.
Mr Kenton said that the Business Park at Sandwich has many small businesses joining the
park and also some major industries are moving into the area which is very good for the
local economy and employment.
Mr Manion mentioned the Lottery Funding and will look into funding for  our Playing
Mr Little asked Mr Manion about school busses. Mr Manion replied that children from
the age of 16 years cannot get help with free transport but there is a ‘top up’ bus card
which pupils can obtain through DDC.
Mr Densham said that ‘The Tree Horse Shoes’  house in Homestead Lane, had been sold.

6.    Memorial for Barbara:  To be put on January’s Agenda.

7.    Village Green Christmas Tree: Mr Little and the residents of Ashley wished for a
Christmas Tree to be erected on the Village Green.  A tree had already been bought with
lights and decorations for this Christmas but Mr Little asked the Council if  next year
they would pay for the Christmas Tree.   Mr Little will ask again nearer to Christmas

8.   Correspondence: Sutton Lodge, Sutton House and Parsonage Farm.  News from DDC
Planning Enforcement Officer Mr Paul Francis.
The Clerk had spoken to Mr Francis about the three dwellings.
Mr Francis is at present discussing the planning of Sutton House with the owner and
some of the details which need planning permission.
Sutton Lodge will have to apply for planning permission through the Vehicle Crossover
team as the drive way access the highway.
Mr Francis will be visiting  Parsonage Farm regarding their planning permission for
the brewery.

9.    Precept for 2014/15: The Precept was discussed amongst the Councillors and a few
changes were to be made and would be presented at the January meeting.

10.  Parish Council Laptop:  It was agreed by the Council that the Clerk would by a laptop,
with a limit of £600 expenditure, for the use of Parish Council work and the Council
would re-emburse her.  The laptop would also be encrypted and a back up detachable
hard drive would also be included  the cost. Mr Akhurst proposed, seconded by Mr Little
and all Councillors agreed that the Clerk should buy a  laptop.

11.  QE  11 Playing Field:   To be put on Januarys Agenda.
12.  Finance:
Clerks wages        273.76           (1 x months wage)
Clerks expenses     20.00           (£20 expenses)
Mr Little                  12.60           (6 Tree stakes for Allotment)
Southern Water     39.13           (Allotment water bill.  June’13 – Nov’13)
Mr Akhurst proposed, Mr Butcher seconded and all Councillors agreed to the signing
of the cheques. Mr Smith and Mr Akhurst signed the cheques.

13.  Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX Track:
The Clerk had asked Mr Stroud if he would give the Council  a quote for cutting the
fruit trees in the Allotment orchard. Mr Butcher asked Mr Stokes at the meeting if he
would also give a quote for cutting the fruit trees.
14.  Any other business/matters to discuss:
Mr Smith (Chairman for the John Foche charity) said that the charity investments had
increased in the past year and had done well.  At a recent John Foche meeting 2 new
trustees had joined the charity.  It had been decided to deliver 25 hampers to
parishioners throughout the parish this Christmas.   In order to boost funds and make
a wider awareness of the charity it was decided to have a display stall at the Stutton
fete in the summer  informing people of the history of the John Foche charity.
Mr Butcher said that Ms Clews had done well with the Parish website but we need
the community to give some input which could be displayed on the site.  Ms Clews
is to try to put the Village Design Statement on the website
15.  Date of next meeting: 7TH January 2014    –     Meeting finished at  09.10pm.