February 2014 minutes

Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall on Tuesday 4th February 2014 at 7.30pm.
1.   Present and apologies for absence:
Carolyn Clews                (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst            (Vice-Chairman)
Sarah Doolin
Hugh Densham
Ron Little
Graham Smith
Kent County Councillor:                     Steve Manion
Parish Clerk :                                        Veronica Harrop
(Note: As Simon Butcher resigned from being Chairman of the Parish Council it was
necessary to appoint a new Chairman from the Parish Councillors before the meeting
commenced.  Carolyn Clews agreed to be Chairman. This was proposed by Mr Smith,
seconded by Mr Little and all Councillors agreed to Ms Clews becoming the Chairman for
Sutton by Dover Parish Council.)
Members of the public: Ms L. Patrick, Mrs C. Willet, Mrs P. Burton, Mr C. Hogben, Mr D.
Vickers, Mr B. Winters, Mrs T. Case-Duncan, Mrs L. Tully, Mr R. Odell and Mr R. Alldridge.

2.  Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Mr Akhurst proposed, seconded by Mr Little
and all Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last meeting.

3.  Declarations of interest: None.

4.  Matters arising: The Clerk asked the Council if they wished to give £100 donation to Rural
Roundup magazine.  The Council agreed to this, Mr Akhurst abstained. Mr Little proposed
Mr Smith seconded and  all other Councillors agreed to a cheque being given to Rural

5.  Visitors: Mr Manion said that the intended changes to the Freedom Buss Pass were going
to be reviewed at a KCC meeting next week. This was because many people were upset
by the proposed changes.  Mr Manion will tell the Parish Council the result at the next

6.  Chairman’s resignation: Mr Simon Butcher has resigned from the Parish Council’s
Chairman’s office and Ms  Clews has taken this position.
The Council would like to thank Mr  Butcher for all his good efforts and his time given to
the Parish Council.

7. Ms Clews said that there is a vacancy for a Councillor with the Parish Council.  If anyone
is interested in this position please contact the Clerk with a short CV.

8.  Correspondence: Paul Francis (Planning Enforcement Officer):  Read by Ms Clew’s.
Mr Francis says that he is pursuing an application for Sutton Lodge as consent is required
for a vehicular access onto a classified road.
Parsonage Farm:  Mr Francis is waiting for their planning application to be finalised.
Ms Clews also read out a notification by ‘Inazin Power Ltd’ of a public exhibition on
Monday 17th  February at Elvington Community Centre.  Members of the public are
invited to attend to learn more about the proposed Solar Power Farm to be built on land
adjacent to Barville Road, Eythorne.

9.  Local Planning:
DOV/13/01111 – Land rear of ‘Sideways’, Downs Road, East Studdal, Dover, CT15 5DA.
Proposal: Change of use and conversion to dwelling with associated external alterations
and erection of additional aviaries.
Mr Smith proposed, Mr Little seconded and all Councillors passed a resolution not to
support this planning application because the plans did not comply with the Parish’s
‘Design Principles’ SPD7: Backland development.  It was also felt that the use of the
Playing Field access road for regular traffic use would be dangerous for the public.
TC/13/00157 – Sutton Court Farm, Church Hill, Sutton, Dover,CT15 5DF
Proposal: Reduce seven beech trees by 10 metres and remove one limb from one beech.
Mr Akhurst proposed, seconded by Mrs Doolin and all Councillors  supported a
resolution to support the pollarding of the beech trees.

10.  QE 11 Playing Field: Ms Clews said that she had had approval from 4 out of 5
trustees (one absent)  of the Playing Field to dissolve the existing trust.  Ms Clews will
then be able to dedicate the PF to Fields in Trust.

11.  Finance:
Clerks wages            273.76      (1x months wages)
Clerks expenses      576.48      (£556.48 laptop & accessories, £20 expenses)
HMRC                          67.20     (tax on wages)
Joe Stroud                165.00     (£85 rabbit protection & £80 pruning of fruit trees)
Mrs Doolin read the finances.  Mr Little proposed, seconded by Mr Smith and all
Councillors agreed to the cheques being signed.  Mr Little and Mr Densham signed
the cheques.

12.  Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
The Clerk said that Mr Stokes had agreed to mend the Parish Council notice board
in the Playing Field as it was leaning over.
The Clerk said that she would take on the responsibility of checking the PF monthly.
The Clerk had noticed that the football nets in the PF were very torn and would get
a quote for some new nets.

13.  Any other business/matters to discuss:
Mr Little asked if Highways could be contacted and asked to install road bollards
on the bend, by the triangle green opposite the ‘Outrigger’ in Ashley.  This was because
vehicles were verging onto the green when passing.
Mr Little also asked if KCC could be asked to put a ‘No Horse Riding’ sign on the foot
path which runs from Strakers Hill across to Roman Road as riders were using the path.
Mr Densham asked if a letter could be sent to KCC Highways about the water draining
from Mr Cannons field, in Ashley, down the road towards East Studdal.  The Clerk said
she would send a letter.
Mrs Harrop said that she would buy flowers and a card as a ‘thank you’ present for
Mr Butcher.

14.  Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 4th March 2014  –  Meeting finished at 8.33pm.