March 2014 minutes

Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall under due notice on Tuesday 4th March at 7.30pm.

1.  Present and apologies for absence:
Carolyn Clews        (Chairman)
Graeme Akhurst    (Vice-Chairman)
Sarah Doolin
Hugh Densham
Graham Smith
Ron Little
Kent County Councillor:                        Steve Manion
Dover District Councillor:                     Nick Kenton
Parish Clerk:                                            Veronica Harrop
Members of the public: Mrs P. Burton, Mrs B. Mc Comiskey, Mr J. Mc Comiskey, Mr R.
Powell, Mrs C. Willet, Mrs C. Richardson, Mrs K. Little, Mr C. Little, Mr J. Densham, Mrs E.
Densham, Mrs E. Godderidge, Mr C. Hogben, Mr D. Vickers, Mr N. Cannon, Mr C. Stokes,
Mr B. Winter, Mr R. Genge, Mrs E. Pascoe and Mr R. Odell.

2.  Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Mr Akhurst proposed, seconded by Mrs
Doolin and all Councillors approved the resolution to accept the minutes of the last

3.  Declarations of interest: None.

4.  Matters arising:  Ms Clews announced that the council are in the position of co-opting
a new Councillor and  if anyone is interested in applying for the position please give a
small CV to Mrs Harrop.

5.  Visitors: No reports.

6.  Parish Flooding: Ms Clews explained about the recent flooding in the parish which had
encroached into a pair of semi-detached bungalows. Mr Little  (owner of one of the
bungalows) continued the explanation by saying that his and his neighbour’s bungalow
had been flooded throughout and were unable to live in their homes until possibly the
end of this year.
Mr Little said that the flood water had come from an accumulation of excess water
running down the road from Ashley, and adjoining roads, across farmed fields and into
the gardens of the bungalows.  The problem had been so bad that the ‘Fire Services’ had
been called out several times to pump water from the properties.
Mr Little said that the excess water had been unable to drain away in the road drains and
soakaways on farm land because over many years they had become blocked and were
KCC Highways had been contacted by the Parish Council and Mr Little who had asked
them to assess the flooding situation. In their assessment Mr Little said that Highways said
that they would dig out the soakaways on the adjoining farm land and build a high bank to
stop flood water  running through to Mr Little’s and his neighbours bungalows.  The road
drains would also  be cleaned out.  However no written report has been seen yet.
Mr Manion said it would be beneficial to pressurise Highways by emailing them to
revisit the site and get the work done urgently.
Ms Clews said that she would contact Highways and that it was unfortunate that Highways
had not attended the meeting as arranged.
It was discussed that an emergency plan could be put into action if the same incident
arose again.  Mr Manion said that ‘disaster plans’ could be found on the internet.  The
Clerk said that she would look into this.
Ms Clews proposed, seconded by Mrs Doolin and all Councillors agreed that an email
and letter be sent to KCC Highways chasing progress.

7.  Local planning:
DOV/14/00085  –  Honeysuckle Cottage, Downs Road, East Studdal, Dover, CT15 5BZ.
Proposal: Erection of two storey, single storey and first floor and first floor rear
Proposed by Mr Akhurst, seconded by Ms Clews and all Councillors supported a resolution
to accept this planning application.
DOV/13.01043  –  Parsonage Farm, Vale Road, Sutton, Dover, CT15 5DH.
Proposal: Retrospective application for the change of use of an agricultural building to a
micro brewery and associated car park.
Proposed by Mr Akhurst, seconded by Mrs Doolin and all Councillors supported a
resolution to accept this retrospective planning application but to note to DDC that the
septic construction was new, in front of the building  line and was not specifically referred
to as part of the application other than by photograph.

8.  Finances:
Clerks wages             273.76              (1 x months wage)
Clerks expenses          20.00              (£20 expenses)
HMRC                           67.20              (tax on wages)
Rural Roundup          100.00              (£100 donation)
Ms Clews proposed, seconded by Mrs Doolin and all Councillors agreed to the cheques
being signed.  Mr Little and Mr Densham signed the cheques.

9.  Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
Mr Little said that he contacted ‘Wildlife Conservation’ to visit and assess the allotments
with a view to putting wild flowers and some trees in it.  He hoped that this would
enhance the wildlife and the bee’s that live in the allotments.
Mrs Harrop had a quote of £99.12 from ‘Harrod’ (a play equipment company) for
replacement football nets for the Playing Field.  The Council agreed for the nets to be

10. Any other business/matters to discuss:  None.

11. Date of next meeting:   1st April 20914    –     Meeting finished at 09.10pm.