April 2014 minutes

Minutes of the meeting held in Studdal Church Hall under due notice on Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 7.30pm.
1.  Present and apologies for absence:
Graeme Akhurst                (Vice-Chairman)
Sarah Doolin
Barbara Merriman
Hugh Densham
Graham Smith
Ron Little
Parish Clerk:                                         Veronica Harrop
Apologies for absence:                       Carolyn Clews                     (Chairman)
Members of the public: Ms C. Inglin, Mrs C. Willet, Mr C. Stokes, Mr C. Hogben, Mr D.
Vickers, Mr R. Odell, Mrs A. Calthrope, Mrs C. Richardson, .Mrs L. Pasco and Mr C. Little.
Mr Akhurst chaired the meeting. Mr Akhurst welcomed Ms Merriman as a new Councillor
to the Parish Council (co-opted at a meeting of the councillors on March 2014).

2.  Approval of the minutes of the last meeting: Mr Smith proposed, seconded by Mr Little
and all Councillors approved of the minutes of the March 4th meeting.
3.  Declarations of interest:  None.
4.  Matters arising: None.
5.  Visitors: Mr Hogben said that there was a lot of fly tipping at the sides of Willow Road
in several places.  The Clerk said she would inform the PCSO and DDC refuse.
Mrs Richardson said that the footpath signs at the top of Strakers Hill had not been
replaced yet.  Mrs Harrop said that she would remind Highways as they had been
reported before.
6.  Parish flooding: As Ms Clews was not present at the meeting Mr Akhurst read out Ms
Clews letter on a meeting that she, Mr Densham and Mr Little had with KCC Highways
Associated and General land drainage.
They met on 17th March 2014 at the site of the bungalows which were flooded in
Homestead Lane, East Studdal.  Highways will ensure that all soakaways serving the
area are cleared out and also the lagoon which is positioned on Mr Densham’s land.
They are assessing the source of the water at Ashley and will endeavour to introduce
measures there and elsewhere that will alleviate the situation in the future.  A report of
their proposals will be sent to Ms Clews when they have concluded their investigations.
Mr Little had mentioned that the lanes were not swept in their entirety causing rubbish
hazards for the soakaways. Shortly after the meeting the roads were swept.

7.  Correspondence: KCC Highways- Ashley traffic bollards.
Mr Akhurst read out a letter from KCC Highways: KCC are unable to install bollards in
Chaple Lane, Ashley (by Fir Tree Farm corner) as they have a reduced budget due to
Government cut backs.  Highways say there have been no recorded incidents in the
last three years in Chaple Lane and evidence of a safety problem is not provided.
8.  Website – photo gallery: to be put on the May Agenda.
Upto date map of the parish.  The Clerk suggested that an upto date map of
Parish was put on the Parish website.  Mrs Harrop will try to obtain a map from DDC

9.  Local Planning:
DOV/14/00192 – Sutton Vale Country Club, Vale Road, Sutton, Dover, CT15 5DH.
Proposal: Works to various trees forming TPO No. 1983
It was proposed that a letter be sent to DDC Planning commenting that: The Council are
not experts and would appreciate the opinion of the DDC own tree expert as they are in
favour of keeping healthy trees.  This was proposed by Mr Smith, seconded by
Ms Merriman and all Councillors agreed to this action.
DOV/14/00245 – The Follies, Downs Road, East Studdal, Dover, CT15 5DA
Proposal: Erection of a detached dwelling and three bay agricultural building with
office over to include landscaping and associated works (existing mobile home to be
removed).  It was proposed by Mr Smith, seconded by Mrs Doolin and all Councillors
agreed that DDC Planning was asked for an extension on this application so that the
Council were given time to make enquiries with neighbouring householders by leaflet
on their opinions of this planning application.
DOV/14/00281 – Cloverdale, Willow Road, Mongeham, CT14 0HP.
Proposal: Erection of first floor and conservatory extensions.
Mr Akhurst proposed, seconded by Mr Smith and all Councillors agreed to fully support
this planning application.

10.  Finances:
Clerks wages           273.76     (1 x months wage)
Clerks expenses        44.30      (£20 expenses + ink £20, paper £2.50, page dividers £1.80)
Harrod                        99.12      (replacement football nets for Playing Field)
Mr Holt                      10.53       (over paid rental on allotment)
Sutton Church        115.00      (Church Hall yearly rent £110 + £5 for 1 hr)
HMRC                         67.20      (May tax on wages)
Evergreen                178.00     (MG £15, JB £48, PF £105 + cutting of tree branch in PF £10)
Mrs Doolin proposed, seconded by Mr Akhurst and all Councillors agreed to the signing
of the cheques.  Mr Akhurst and Mr Densham signed the cheques.

11. Allotment, Memorial Garden, Playing Field and BMX track:
Allotment –  Wildlife Conservation:  Mr Little said that he had had a report back from the
‘Wildlife Conservation Trust’ who suggested in their report which flowers and shrubs to
plant in the Allotment to encourage bee’s, insects and birds.
The Clerk had been approached by Mr Wilson (a youth football coach) who asked if
the Council would be in agreement with him using the Playing Field on Saturday
mornings for football training.   The Council agreed to Mr Wilson using the PF  on
condition that Mr Wilson had had a CBR check, was insured and that youths of this
parish were included.
Mrs Doolin said that families from Sutton Vale Country Club had been using the PF
for games and picnics.  The Council was pleased that the PF was being used in this

12. Any other business/matters to discuss: Annual Parish Meeting date/time to be set.

13. Date of next meeting:  Tuesday 6TH May  at 7.30 pm  (annual general meeting 7pm).
Annual Parish meeting 27th May at 7.30pm.
Meeting finished at 20.25pm.